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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 3, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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rain returns to the bay area and this storm is just the start. the ktvu forecast shows more wetwet every is headed our way. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we're on storm watch tonight as the bay area gets a taste of thins to come.
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our first good soaking. this lincoln navigator flipped over when it failed to negotiate a lane change. right now our chief meteorologist chief martin is tracking a second storm headed our way. first we go to ken wayne, he's live at sfo showing us problems people are facing flying and driving. >> reporter: it stopped raining here but the pavement is still wet. there have been weather related problems on the ground and in the air all day long. there are flight delays of up to 90 minutes here at sfo and some flights have been kapbs -l. the flight board tells the story, delays and cancellation all due to weather. the faa initiated procedure to keep planes farther apart in this low visibility and that's slowed things down. >> the delays of 90 minutes are
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delaying flights from the northwest. >> reporter: this man is waiting for a family member from spokane and has been sitting here for several hours. not just delays but accidents. the highway patrol responded to more than 30 crashes in sonoma county alone. this car suffered serious front end damage after colliding with a fat bed truck in roner park. one woman says she was staying off the freeway. >> i actually took el camino because it seemed the 101 was really backed up. and there's some people that care some people that don't. it's just you being cautious. >> reporter: for the rest of us the wet weather is a reminder that winter is just around the corner. >> it was a little different this summer too. so maybe they're making up for it on this side.
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>> reporter: we found this crash tonight on milbrey avenue. a car epded up straddling the median -- car ended up straddling the median. i had a friend that was stuck stranded because her air flight was cancelled. so the faa has the same advice, double check that airline to make sure it's coming in on time. ken wayne, ktvu news. light showers today. it seemed like a lot but for the most part the heaviest rain was in the north bay. a half inch of rain up in santa rosa. oakland .2 of an inch. right now we've got rain showers in evergreen, san jose downtown and milpitas. this is very light shower activity. but there's more behind it. the national weather service
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has issued a wait winter storm warning for tomorrow night. this next system that's coming in it's a big one and it will have a major impact or your day as we go into tuesday and wednesday. when i come back we'll look at that. the impact of the weather could be seen everywhere today. bulldozers removed leaves and whatever else might end up walking run off and causing a traffic mess on the roads. a little rain didn't stop these tourists from climbing on board an open air bus to check out the golden gate. one man joked and said he loved the rain. in about 15 minutes the rush to pick grapes in the wine country. growers are worried the rain can damage their crops so why then are they still leaving
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some grapes on their vines. in one case the justices have decided to hear is considered one of the most important privacy cases in years. the question before the court should police be allowed to secretly use a gps device to track you without a warrant? the court is looking at a drug case out of the washington, d.c. area. but a bay area case has been included as a brief. amber lee is live where the person college student involved in the case. >> reporter: 21-year-old afifi showed us pictures of the device he says fbi agents
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secretly attached under beneath underneath his car. he says he didn't know the device was there until his mechanic discovered it. afifi and his attorney met with us tonight. he says an fbi told them that an anonymous informant tracked his car without a warrant. the mission college student told us he was born in santa clara to an egyptian father and american mother. what the supreme court decides will impact the civil rights of all americans. >> if they say there's no warrant required we're in a very bad situation. not only with respect to yaser's case but over all to a liberty's culture in the united states. >> it'll be just one more layer of bureaucracy. >> reporter: requires law enforcement to get a warrant before installing a gps can be
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time consuming red tape. afifi says he can't help but think he's been followed. >> an apology would be nice. >> reporter: all oral arguments are expected next month. patti lee. more details now on the high court session. today the justices heard oral arguments on a medical program. the justice will weigh who gets to adjust when a state tries to cut medicaid and who has the right to sue in federal court. the courts will also look at president obama's health care reform. the court refused about 1,800 cases of nudity on tv cases. the task force says it
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destroyed 5,000 marijuana plants during its eradication program this year. this afternoon the task force shared this photo of a helicopter hauling away some of the plants. here's another photo. authorities also say these confiscated plants had a street value of $1.5 million. san leandro police released a sketch of a man they are looking for in connection of a weekend shooting. we're told the man resembling this sketch is a person of interest. police describe him as black. 18 to 24 years old, about 5'8". he has gold teeth with diamonds on them and his dread locks had gold tipless. the shooting happened yesterday morning in an industrial area of san leandro. gunfire erupted shortly after a tattoo party has concluded. police say they are not sure whether there was one gunman or
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more. we spoke to the father who's 19- year-old daughter chanise kiln was killed. >> i'm getting some strength from some where i don't understand where it's coming from. but i need to get justice for my daughter. >> reporter: 16-year-old lenisha northington and alfred died in the shooting. two of the wounded are listed in serious condition tonight. the third person injured was treated and released. a family from chile has traveled thousands of miles looking for justice and asking people here for help. ktvu's jana katsuyama shows us what they did today in berkeley at the exact spot where their son was shot and killed by robbers a little more than one year ago. >> in the rain, adolfo seledon's mother stops in the middle of street and places a candle where her son was shot and killed. the family came from chile with a bit of flowers from their own
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garden. >> my son was a man of peace. >> reporter: the family says fido as they called him was -- >> he was shot before he died, far away from us. in the streets. >> reporter: seledon was walking home after a party about 3:40 in the morning. at adeline and emerson two robbers attacked him. shooting and killing seledon. it was his 35th birthday which he shared with his sister constansa. >> it is hard to believe we will not see him again, very hard. >> reporter: seledon's family says his family came hoping people here will help them. >> it's very sad for us.
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it's horrible. i'm not angry. i want justice. >> reporter: the suspect's descriptions are vague. police say that someone believes out there has information about this homicide. there is a $20,000 reward. you can remain anonymous and bring this family some measure of peace. reporting from berkeley, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police say an officer shot and killed a man this morning who had just stabbed his parents. we've learned from police the man advanced at officers with two knives as the officers were trying to pull the man's bleeding mother to safety. investigators say the 44-year- old man stabbed his mother and father inside their home early this morning. the 78-year-old woman died at the hospital the father is expected to survive. sheriff's investigators have now identified a man shot and killed in a bay point home over the weekend at 23-year-old lance robert crisimonio. a woman at that home said that
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she shot and killed crisimonio after he broke into their house and threatened her and her father. there's thought that the man was the young woman's baby's father and that he threatened
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a big announcement from apple tomorrow and all signs right now are pointing to the company unveiling a new iphone 5. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is in cupertino. >> reporter: so far there has been no confirmation about what apple is announcing. but the invitation sent out to a select group of tech media said let's talk iphone. >> the iphone 6 right? or is it 5? no6.
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>> reporter: five, five. >> oh, okay. >> reporter: what do you have the 4? >> i have the three. >> reporter: sometimes it's hard to keep straight. sleeker, bigger screen, faster, but no one knows for sure. >> i'm excited to see what the new technology is going to be like. what the new operating system is going to be operating. i'm hoping that i can get myself a phone by the end of week. >> reporter: it's anticipated that the new phone will be available through at least three carriers. at&t, verizon, sprint. >> this is a product that's coming out on multiple carriers with multiple technology. >> reporter: tomorrow, apple is holding the launch where tim cook will make the announcement. replacing steve jobs who stepped down because of his help. other rumors is that apple may announce a partnership with facebook. nobody knows for sure, and
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that's the way apple likes it. >> they create excitement and they drive with that excitement. this is what gets people in line and gets people excited about technology. >> reporter: another analyst who was given a prebriefing today told me simply, i'm sworn to secrecy. stay tuned, we'll have the latest tomorrow. on ktvu's facebook page we asked what features you're looking forward to and whether you will upgrade. jenie cup era no says i am going to get one. i isn't ár still haven't learned all -- i still haven't learned all my capabilities on the iphone 3. a new line is in effect in san francisco involving cell phones under that new law. retailers must postinformation about cell phone radiation and ways to minimize exposure. the world's health organization says cell phone radiation is
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thought to be a carcinogen. facebook is delaying the launch of a new feature due to a lawsuit. the digital scrapbooking service time has file add trademark lawsuit against the feature. the palo alto company has agreed to delay the launch until it faces the lawsuit tomorrow. on demand music provider raphsody has agreed to buy out napster. rhapsody was started in 1999 as the search is on for a hit- and-run driver who killed a 3- year-old child in stockton this afternoon. police says it seems two women were having some kind of an argument outside of a convenience store when one of the women jumped into a car. at this point it's not clear if she or another person was
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driving but witnesses say the car looked as if it was deliberately trying to run down a group of people. those people were able to get out of the way. unfortunately a 3-year-old child wasn't and was struck and killed. >> they said that the baby died. it was just a little baby. she had nothing to do with it. >> police say the child's mother was inside the convenience store when her child was hit. after nearly four years in an italian prison amanda knox is now a free woman. she's expected to fly home to seattle tomorrow. as barbara hall reports, knox's case made international headlines and today came to a dramatic end. >> reporter: the wading is over for -- the waiting is over for amanda knox and her family. she was released from jail where she had been held a free woman.
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an italian court overturned the prior sentences against knox and her former boyfriend nachadel. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered for three years for a crime she did not commit. >> reporter: knox and nachadel were accused of killing knox's roommate. prosecutors alleged knox and nachadel killed kusher in a drug rage. the court upheld defamation charges against her. she must pay court fees to a club owner she wrongly implicated in the case. the family of the slain woman meredith kurcher were also on hand. they offered a statement. >> we respect the decision of the judges but we do not understand how the decision of
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the first trial could be so radically overturned. knox and her family say they will return to the united states as soon as possible. >> as the decision to free knox was read in an italian courtroom friends and supporters of the former university of washington student watched on television in seattle. many of those who gathered in a seattle hotel were long time family friends or friends from knox' childhood. they said that the last four years have been excruciating. >> four years it's been a torturous, a torturous robbing of two innocent people's lives. but also meredith has lost her life. it's just tragedy all the way around. >> reporter: supporters also said they are proud of how amanda knox conducted herself over these long years, knox is expected to arrive in seattle sometime tomorrow. in live storm tracker 2, picking up lingering showers
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out there right now out toward san jose and out toward morgan hill and evergreen. fremont as well. it's basically dying down out there now. and as things begin to die down. we're looking for more sunshine tomorrow. and then temperatures that will begin to come up just a little bit. so what's going to happen is i'm going to be back here in about 15 pháeups and we're going to look directly at tomorrow's forecast. a winter storm warning in effect in the mountains. this next weather system is going to start coming in here tomorrow and it's a big one. in sonoma county the rains of grape growers and their crews working overtime tonight to get their crops harvested. rain can cause a fungus. the weight of rain drops can also damage thin skin varieties of grape. a mild summer means much of the
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crop still isn't ripe. >> typically we harvest a few days before labor day. this year we're so far later. we're seven weeks now behind. >> reporter: in fact, a somoma county wine commission says only 20% of the crop has been harvested. new technology and a new debate. how cameras worn by police officers are now creating a new controvers ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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a new dilemma in oakland, should police be involved to watch shooting before they make
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statements in an investigation. lorane blanco tells us the oakland police department is reviewing that question. >> there's nothing better than having video footage of an incident. the video doesn't really tell any lies. >> reporter: officers are supposed to turn on their cameras as soon as they arrive on scene and they're supposed to stay on as long as the scene stays active. two officers pulled over a car in east oakland. police say the passenger fled on foot. when the officered caught up to them, the officers say the suspect threatened to shoot them. so they shot and killed him. >> this policy has been negotiated, has been agreed to by the city and the police union and we just want to assure that the officer's rights are protected within this policy. john burress says video taping can be helpful but is
11:56 pm
afraid that seeing the video before testifying can change the account. >> whether or not the officer is being truthful about how certain events occurred. i think once you see the video you may tailor you comments or statements around that. >> reporter: the shooting is still under investigation and the video recorded is not being released at this time. in oakland, lorane blanco. wall street slumped lower today after greece announced it will not be able to reach its -- cut its budget as much adds it had promised. news that the country could miss the target sent blue chips tumbling. the nasdaq fell 79 points, the dow dropped 258 points. >> we're at a point it could go either way. it's not baked in the case either way we're going to go. >> economists pointed to the holiday season as an indicator on where the economy is going.
11:57 pm
if they spend money, the economy is improving, if they cut back and spend less, that means we could be headed toward a double dip recession. a statement today called the talk about bankruptcy quote rumors and speculation. first responders suffering from illnesses following the september 11 terrorist attacks are now eligible for monetary compensation. a $2.8 million compensation fund opened today for ground zero workers with long term health issues after september 11. victims can register online and get more information on how to file a claim. we catch up with the star of kitchen nightmares and find out why one local restaurant !
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an emergency room doctor testified today in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. she testified she was not told that jackson was on propofol. but the emergency room physician testified dr. jackson said he gave jackson a mild propofol. the defense argued that michael jackson must have given him the dose while dr. murray was out of the room. >> it is unlikely with that information i would have been able to do something different
12:01 am
that would have changed the outcome. >> reporter: dr. cooper had given paramedics permission by phone to declare jackson dead, but paramedics paramedics -- when you think of fremont it's that city along interstate 880 drivers pass on their commute, a suburbia of sorts. but the city was lit for a national audience of sorts. >> how in the world did they
12:02 am
choose fremont, i don't know. >> reporter: today people waited in the rain to be on the fox show kitchen nightmares a reality show that helps turn around failing restaurants and to catch a glimpse of the show's star. >> i wanted to see gordon in action. to see if he could take this restaurant back to the top. >> reporter: chef ramsey says the restaurant has lost its identity. >> food was all over the place. from a pastrami sandwich to an italian pasta menu and a steak house. >> reporter: ramsey walked the restaurant critiquing the service. in the back he stepped when trouble arose. guests were curious if they were going to see chef ramsey's temper. >> my daughter is like, he's so mean don't even talk to him. he's very wonderful in person.
12:03 am
he's very personable, very nice. >> reporter: the city only allows two filming contracts once a year. >> i'm having a great time. >> reporter: chef ramsey says the ingredients and fresh seafood the bay area has to offer is a chef's dream. that episode of kitchen nightmares is supposed to air in january. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu. is extending an olive branch to its former bay area affiliate. lawmakers passed a law forcing online business to collect sales tax. a compromised reached last night postpones the tax collection for a year. today the bay area based company e-mailed the affiliates on how to be reinstated. the bank of america site is
12:04 am
working fine now but customers have been trouble logging on since last friday. the company angered many customers after announcing it will begin charging a monthly free for using debit cards. the president spoke in front of an organization. in an interview said gay couples should have a union at a minimum but did not state if he would support same-sex marriage. president obama says hindsight is always 20/20. silican valley investors warned the administration that solindra may not survive and
12:05 am
urged the president not to visit the company. there are questions tonight about a $150 million program designed to train and place workers in green jobs. the agencies inspector general says it's unlikely the program will meet its goal. the obama administration says the numbers are low due to the lab time in setting up the program and it expects job placements to rise in the next few months. starbucks wants its customers to start creating jobs. starbucks will ask for a $5 donation or more to help provide loans to small business and community groups. if for their donations customers will get a red, white and blue bracelet that says indivisible.
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back in january, arnold schwarzenegger committed the voluntary manslaughter of nunez from 15 years to five years. the new bill requires the governor to get at least 10 days notice before acting on a clemency request. there are some 12,000 inmates taking part in a strike which is now in its eighth day. state correction officials say at most some 4,000 inmates are taking part. the hunger strike is meant to call attention to current prison conditions. hundreds of students without a vaccination. how one school district is handling a state deadline a little differently. back here in 10 minutes. i got the latest computer model ready to go. i'll show you when that next major weather system
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it feels like help is never far away. that's what it feels like to be a member.
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a massive fire today at a chemical plant in texas triggered evacuations the fire started after workers were mixing chemicals. no one was hurt but one fire truck was engulfed in flames. the epa says it's monitoring the air around the area and has given the all clear. those evacuated were allowed to return home this evening. 911 dispatchers are back in their seats after a gas leak
12:10 am
forced an evacuation. city workers, a library and senior center were evacuated for about three hours while pg & e plugged the leak. they're afraid to leave their homes because of possible looters. the philippines was hit by two typhoons last week. the flood waters are receding by at least 15 villages are still inassessable. in libya, the only man convicted of the lockerby bombing says the truth will one day come out. and in denmark, people buy out butter and other fatty
12:11 am
foods before a fat tax. it's supposed to be a way to increase life expectancy which is 79 years in denmark. bay area fishermen want to outsmart mother nature to save the salmon industry. fishermen hope some of the fish will return to pillar point to spawn instead of the rivers that have taken such a toll on the salmon population. the fish and game department is expected to decide on the proposal on the next three months. oakland schools are using a new tactic to make sure the students are in compliance. one month after school opens all students are supposed to be vaccinated and have proof that so far about 1,300 oakland students haven't done that. this week the district is trying to get parents to sign consent forms so students can be immunized at school. october is breast cancer awareness month and the white
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house turned pink to remind folks. pink lights on the white house have been a traditional of sorts ever since president george w. bush first started it back in 2008. how safe is the air we breathe? in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story.
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tonight's special report, it's a device that is giving bay area scientists never been seen detail on the quality of air we breathe. john fowler got a firsthand look on how it works and shows us what it found at several locations beginning with the caldecut tunnel. >> reporter: drive the caldecut and you will breathe in pollutants. at our request a group tested
12:15 am
the air inside and outside the tunnel. those tubes lead to this mobile lab. laser detectors reveal a new truth about bay area pollutants including nitrogen dioxide. >> the epa will claim 75. >> reporter: carbon monoxide 50 times normal. co2 and methane peak as cars go by. the detectors can finger point pollution. >> it allows us to detect the actual sources of that pollutant. come with me now and i will show you how they are showing other hot spots such as here at the port of oakland. >> a dozen different incidents into one mobile unit. we can drive this unit any time
12:16 am
we want. >> idling diesel trucks release co2. researchers drove on a relatively normal day. spikes show higher levels of c02. state officials rate the air as clean but their mixed monitors are miles apart. the mobile lab reveals never before seen details mostly clean air at the coast but look at the golden gate plaza, a construction site at devil slide. >> you can see high levels of c02 that you would never seen with a monitor. >> reporter: these realtime mobile monitors paint a very different picture from that bay area average. san jose state scientists plan to fly similar models on drone airplanes in and around fire smoke. >> we actually know very little on fire weather.
12:17 am
we will fly the fire pollutants to measure fire vapor and greenhouse gases. >> reporter: water vapor can help create the first ever realtime fire behavior predictor. that could save lives and property. saving the san joaquin delta is what emily chow is hoping to do with these samples. >> there's all these pockets of microbes in there creating methane or eating methane or creating c02. >> reporter: scientists discovered it was not erosion rather bacteria are eating the soil. bacteria give off telltale gases. help scientists advice officials on delta saving strategies. >> if the levies collapse. fresh water for 20 million californians is in danger. >> reporter: it's never been more important to know what is
12:18 am
in the air. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. officials now say a wayward sea lion found on the peninsula was shot. veterinarians in salsalito says the female sea lion was shot in the face at least a week ago. she was found in a ditch next to or near the broadway exit of highway 101. drivers say they saw the sea lion cross eight lanes of traffic and right now she's in stable condition. in live storm tracker 2, picking up scattered showers lingering in the south bay. let's talk about that quickly. we come down toward san jose. i have a loop on it but most of that is very, very light shower activity. it'll be dying down in the next five hours. as we look out into the pacific, look what's coming. it has got some legs. how quickly it's moving, that's how we know it has legs.
12:19 am
it's coming straight down for us. that gets here tomorrow night. this one is going to have wind, rain and as i mentioned a rare winter storm warning for early october. i mean we've seen them before but this is pretty early to have one, a winter storm warning with snow levels at 1,500 feet by monday morning. the roads are a little wet. nothing should be coming from the sky. mostly dry tomorrow. as we get into tomorrow night around 10:00 the rain starts. tomorrow night through about 10:00 if next morning it goes up. this is the weather system. heaviest rainfall looks like it's going to be about one clock 1:00 in the morning and it will linger. it will have an impact wednesday morning and wednesday night. i think wednesday night we will still have scattered showers. the computer model, i've tees up a bunch of start times.
12:20 am
in the morning your commute is dry. but look how fast it goes. 10:00, the 10:00 news it's going to be showing rain. it's 10:00 look how well formed thats. that's 1:00 a.m. that's thick and it has a nice frontal look here: it's going to be intense when this thing goes through about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, you're going to hear it. you're going to notice it. the wind is going to be going and the rain is going to be coming down. around 8:00 a.m. even though it's not raining you're going to be wet on the roadways. around 2:00 the secondary wave. a disturbance tweaks through. it's an interesting weather pattern for sure. the models are pretty much in sync with this one.
12:21 am
there's your five day forecast with your weekend in view. 10:00 in the morning on wednesday morning then scattered showers after that. >> sounds like wednesday might be a good day to work from home. >> might be. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> thanks bill. >> thank you bill. in the sierra, caltrans has snowplows in place. so far the ski lifts are empty. one resident said last winter was one of the worse she's ever seen and i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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one of the world's most well known athletes's is coming to the bay area. tiger woods is coming to the bay area on wednesday and that has a lot of local golf fans excited. >> just the fact he's coming over here is great. >> so it's tiger that's the big draw for you. >> yeah there was the big scandal, the affair and everything. it's nice to see him back on his stuff. >> reporter: there's word tiger may already be here and possibly staying at the secluded morgan hill home of john fry. john owns fry electronics and
12:25 am
is hosting the tournament. >> what is happening in detroit? >> you might call it junktober fest. they're loving life. their lions in football undefeated and the tigers are one game away from proving once again money can't buy you love or a world series title. yankees hanging by a thread back in detroit tonight. justin verlander struck out in 8 innings but he had a little trouble in the seventh. gardener with a shot to the left. winds up adds a 2-run double and the 4-2 lead all of a sudden a 4-4 tie. but in the bottom of the seventh. young had been a pain for the new yorkers, second homer of the series he goes up off rafael soriano. and his second of the postseason as the yankees down for good as jose valverde two on two out and strikes out derrick jeter to end it.
12:26 am
his 51st consecutive successful save this year. detroit leading the series 2-1. they were a great miracle come back story but tampa about to be sent packing here in october. jennings had them out in front. he had two homers as a matter of fact. that one off ace lewis. 30 homers during the regular season this two run shot in a poor run texas seventh and the rangers are also up in that series 2-1. every reason to believe the 49ers have crossed back into the realm of relevance around here. and our so far any way a great example of what good coaching can do. jim harbaugh and his entire staff give them credit too. they have the team looking focused and confidence with yesterday's win. probably their most exhilarating since they last made the play offs in 2002 during his play off career. and we're learning more about
12:27 am
him now as a person like for instance he doesn't like to fly first class among other things. >> yeah i don't feel comfortable up in the first class. just i'm a coach guy. i'm starting to get the feeling like too many nice things coming our way here. my coach in college says when people start talking nice about you kick them in the chins. i'm moody and complicated. >> he has it going now. no doubt a new of the niners took a look at the competition tonight. and we start with the manningless colts. peyton watching and that was the difference maker. tampa after losing their opener they are now 3-1 and they will collide with the nineers at candle stick this coming sunday and to be seen right here on
12:28 am
channel 2 at 1:00 in the afternoon. back to you julie. >> great. mark thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. you can always join ktvu morning news tomorrow at 4:30 for the latest on our wet weather and traffic before you at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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